Professional Development Masterclass

STOP WASTING TIME PLANNING THE PERFECT LESSON! Learn how to ‘Teach Smarter,’ not harder and try our online professional development masterclass.

Do you spend hours planning the perfect lesson only to have students not retain one shred of information?…

You’re not alone!

How can we plan in a more targeted way to teach in a way that grabs each student’s attention AND lower the amount of time planning.


How to ‘Teach Smarter‘ online course is about the process of cognition, meta-cognition and transformational teaching and learning.

Cognition is thinking about thinking. How new information enters our thoughts and can either be forgotten or used in our working memory executive function of the brain. This occurs in the frontal lobe, right behind your forehead. When this is encoded into long-term memory we call this “declarative knowledge.” Declarative knowledge is the best kind of memory, because we can draw out that memory by a process called decoding and reattach more information back in the working memory. Otherwise known as the short-term memory.

Meta-cognition is your thinking about your thinking. In Teach Smarter, we delve deeper into what makes us learners. Acknowledging our personal multiple intelligence strengths and learning styles benefits our students learning for higher self-efficacy.

Behind the scenes in our latest online masterclass

Finally, we explore how to use both cognitive and metacognitive self-regulation in our planning, monitoring and reflections. I’ll give you the tools to specifically target your students learning styles.

Professional development
What the online course curriculum looks like.

This professional development online masterclass can be completed from your mobile or desktop from home. It’s that simple! If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us it’s that professional development and inspiring teachers needs to continue for teacher self efficacy. Boosting teacher confidence drastically boosts student confidence and self efficacy – which has a flow on effect to higher student academic and learning outcomes.


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