Easy kids activities

35 Easy Activities At Home For Kids

The easiest activities at home for kids that are quick to set up and quick to clean!

I’m Sarah, a teacher and mum of 3, specialising my Masters in educational cognitive psychology. I know how hard life is with little ones! Time is valuable and we all need quick and easy activities for our kids to do at home. I also value education, especially understanding that parents are their child’s first teacher. With this in mind I’ve created a list of our TOP 35 EASY ACTIVITIES AT HOME FOR KIDS for you to try at home.

If you want to read further in any activity, simply click on the image or heading to find out how they relate to educational cognitive psychology. The website link will give you an understanding of how the brain uses these activities for encoding and decoding memories for formal educational scaffolding. The more experiences the more your child will have prior knowledge to draw on when they are in primary school.

1. Sea Foam


2. Chickpea Wet Sensory Play


NOTE: Adult supervision is advised for potential choking hazard when dry.

3. Jelly Sensory

4. Coconut Play Tray

5. Threading

6. Tongs

7. Spaghetti Play

8. Ripping Paper

Magazines and catalogues are great for ripping images and gluing them onto paper or into a book. Tearing paper helps build fine motor development for small muscles in the fingers and hands.

9. Drawing

10. Gluing

11. Cutting With Scissors

12. Tweezing

13. Tap Tap

14. Magnets

15. Activity Books

16. Stamps


17. Puzzles

18. Cardboard Flower Vases

19. Shaving Cream Words

20. Painting

21. Marble Maze Run

22. Invisible Ink Messages


23. Marshmallow Structure

24. Pistol Painting

25. Shaving Cream Sensory Mess

26. Lavender Rice

27. Rainbow Walking Water

28. Colour Themed Play Dough Trays

29. Rainbow Roses

30. Backyard Volcano

31. Split Peas Dry Sensory Play

32. Vanilla Cloud Dough

33. Purple Pom Pom Bath

34. Orange Dried Lentil With Magnets

35. Surface Tension Milk Experiment


For more information on any of the post links above, simply click on the image or listed activity title.

Written by Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.